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You may have guests attend a meeting who are not OnBoard users, and you may be wondering how to manage those guests and provide them the meeting materials for those meetings.

This post will review how you can manage guests for your meetings in OnBoard.  

Logging Agenda Section Guests 

If you have guests who will be attending your meeting during specific agenda items, you can log the guests in your agenda.

Click the Edit Details button on an agenda section and scroll down to the Guests area. You can enter the name of any guests and add them to the agenda item. If they are a member of your organization, their names will pre-populate to easily select. However, you can add any name, even if they are not a member of your organization. Once added, their names will appear as guests in the Section Description.

Review the Creating the Meeting's Agenda and Uploading Documents help article for more information.

Capturing Guest Attendance in Meeting Minutes

If you have the Meeting Minutes feature, guests that you’ve added to agenda sections will pre-populate in the minute’s Attendance Block.

Add additional guests via the “Add attendees” field.

You can also easily mark guests as present, attending remotely, or absent.

Review the Creating and Editing Meeting Minutes article for more information.

Providing Guests with the Remote Meeting Link

If your guests are attending remotely, you’ll need to provide them with the remote meeting link.

Once you’ve added the remote meeting link to your meeting, you can quickly copy it by clicking on the Setup Remote Meeting Link (or More Details if you’re not a Meeting Admin). Then click on the copy button in the remote meeting link field.

If you’d like to learn more about OnBoard’s Zoom Integration, review our Zoom Integration help article.  

Downloading Meeting Materials for Guests

You have a couple of options for providing the meeting materials for guests.

If you’re emailing or printing the materials for guests, the quickest way is to download the Meeting Book. Click on the Downloads button and select the Meeting Book option.

Note that the Meeting book will not contain any supplementary documents. Supplementary documents will need to be downloaded separately.

Publicly Posting Your Meeting for Guests

If your meeting guests are not OnBoard users and they need access to the meeting materials, you can use OnBoard’s Public Posting feature to create a link to the meeting details, agenda, and meeting documents.

Please take a look at the steps in How to Publish Your OnBoard Meeting to the Public for more information on how to create a public posting link.

Use "Deactivate" to Provide Guests Temporary Access

If your guests have an OnBoard account, and you’d like to give them temporary access to your organization for the meeting, you can utilize OnBoard’s Deactivate feature.

After adding the user, make sure to invite them as a Reader of your meeting. Once the meeting is completed, you can click on the 3-dotted menu to the right of the user in the Directory and deactivate their account.

When deactivated, the user will still have their OnBoard account, but they will not have access to your OnBoard organization. The user will remain in your directory (visible to only Organization Admins), and they will not count towards your total subscriber count.

If you need them to have access again, simply reactivate their account and add them to the next meeting.

Take a look at  how to manage Temporary Users in Removing Users From Your Organization article.



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