Table of Contents for a board book

Emily Reynolds

One of my favorite features to show a customer is the Table of Contents. OnBoard can automatically create this customized first page of your board book which will create clickable links to the pages for each agenada section. 

The good news is this is all done automatically for you when you turn on the Table of Contents, and if you have any updates to your board book or agenda, it will update accordingly.

To turn on the Table of Contents, use the following steps:

1. Log into OnBoard

2. Navigate to Meetings

3. Select meeting

4. Settings (or button with 3 dots on right side, then settings)

5. Select "Append to Book" under Table of Contents

You can also turn on book page numbers from this screen and choose where you'd like them to appear on the page.

Neither of these features is on by default, so click to turn them on in one of your meetings to see if you'd like to use them! Many groups find it brings a level of professionalism to their board books with no extra work.



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