Including Committee Meeting Materials in Your Board Meeting

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Many times information for your different committee meetings will be included in your board meetings. Or, perhaps the committee meeting materials constitute all the materials for your board meetings. Or, you may need to create a meeting book that contains all the materials from separate meetings that span several days. 

Below are some different methods of how to manage these scenarios.

Contributors Simultaneously Add Materials to Committee and Board Meetings

Admins can set your users as contributors or admins of the committee meetings. They can then add materials directly to the committee meetings to create the meeting book for those meetings. 

Admins can then permission those committee meeting organizers as contributors of board meeting as well. As part of their workflow, when they add the materials to the committee meetings, contributors can add the same materials to the relevant agenda sections for the board meeting.

This way, the meeting contributors are simultaneously populating the committee meeting materials and board meeting materials. 

Keep in mind that admins can permission contributors to manage the entire agenda or permission contributors to only manage certain agenda sections. 

For contributors to manage an entire agenda, the meeting visibility will need to be set to Meeting Details. For contributors to contribute to specific agenda sections, the meeting visibility needs to be set to Details & Agenda. 

Using a Resource Folder to Import Materials

If admins want more control over what committee meeting materials are added, when they are added, and what section of the board meeting they're added to, admins can use the OnBoard Resource Library to help manage this. 

Create a resource folder (or folders) to house committee meeting materials and make the relevant OnBoard users admins of those folders.

As part of the workflow for committee meetings, contributors can first add their relevant documents to the folder in the resource library. They can then directly add their documents to the agenda section for their committee meetings.

When setting up the board meeting, admins can use the Add Document feature in the agenda sections to import the committee documents directly from the shared resource folder. 

This way the admins can have control over what documents are added. Also the board meeting can stay unpublished while the admins update the agenda and add documents. 

Import Full Committee Meeting Books Into Board Meeting

If you need to have one book that is a summary of all the committee meetings over several days, you can do this fairly quickly.

After the committee meeting books are finalized, download the meeting book from each committee meeting. 

Then upload each committee meeting book to each relevant agenda section in a separate meeting. Once combined, you'll have one meeting book that will contain all the materials for all of your committee meetings. 



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