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Attachments to Announcements
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Uploading Videos on OnBoard
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Integrate Voting Setup & Completion Into Agenda View
3 votes 4 comments
2FA for Onboard website Completed
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OnBoard Notifications
3 votes 1 comment
Re-open Surveys & Approvals
2 votes 2 comments
Add Rich Content to Meeting Agenda
0 votes 1 comment
Memberships Listed on User Profile
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Ability to send notifications for changes to meetings
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Change "Book Download" Default
2 votes 1 comment
Need Corporate Admin Category of User Completed
1 vote 3 comments
Allow Group Administrators to create meetings
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Check In for Attendance on iPad app Answered
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Allow Motions to be set for Votes on iPad app Answered
1 vote 3 comments
Bulk File/Folder Upload to Resources
1 vote 1 comment
Offline Pin and Logout
1 vote 2 comments
Print or Save Annotated Documents from the iPad app
0 votes 8 comments
Surveys on OnBoard Completed
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Board User's List Completed
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Meeting Scroll Completed
1 vote 5 comments
Notification Box In Profile Automatically Checked When User Creates Profile Completed
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Resources - Tree Organization Completed
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Resources - Organization Completed
1 vote 9 comments
Contributor list Completed
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User Tracking
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Template Protection
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OnBoard Administrator ability to set up and edit directors' profiles Answered
1 vote 7 comments
Web Admin: Do not scroll meetings to the top whenever a meeting is edited. Completed
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Automatically delete the default "New Section" text when a user types in a new Agenda Section Completed
0 votes 1 comment
Show document names on agenda builder. Completed
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