Adding a cover page BEFORE the appended TOCs

I have noted the advice about adding a COVER page to the 1st section of the book, however I have had a request that it be possible to place a COVER page before the Appended Table of Contents.
This means that the book can have a cover page as the opening page of the book but still has the appended TOC page (directly afterward) with its associated links to the various sections.



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    Customer Education
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    Thank you for your suggestion. I've associated your vote for this feature request with our product and engineering team. 

    If you have any future suggestions for how we can improve our product, you can submit them to our team directly via our Feature Request Form. 

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    Christopher Moore
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    Agree with this request!  Does an OnBoard employee review this page and if so, can you let us know if this is being considered?  Customer Education

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    Customer Education

    We're continually reviewing feature requests and ways to improve our platform. The more requests we get for a particular feature, the higher priority it receives on our roadmap. 

    I'll link this additional request to the current feature requests for improvements to our Table of Contents and Cover Page, and if you'd like to submit additional feature requests, you can use our Feature Request Form. 


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