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Mike Cook

Is there a way to limit who can see a document under a specific agenda item?  For example, if we have a speaking note for the CEO that would only be available to him and if there are other documents for the agenda item, they would be visible for all other board members.  


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    Jenni Washington

    Hi Mike, you can modify the permissions of a section or specific subsection but not at the individual document level. While we have some customers create a subsection to an agenda item for speaker notes and use the "Modify Section Permissions" to exclude everyone other than the person who needs access. It's important to know that everyone else will know there's a section hidden from their view and when they open the book, they'll see a note that they've been excluded from those pages.

    Another option to consider - create a folder in resources private to just the CEO and place the speaker notes there. You can include a hyperlink in the agenda section description to that resource. If others try to access the link, it won't permit them to access the file.

    Feel free to let us know what you decided or reach out to if you want to connect with us 1:1!


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