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Matt Nash

I have had two board members get different jobs and change email address. I did not find out until they had lost their previous email address. Can you have a back up email address so the connection to the members data is not lost when they lose their email?


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    Jenni Washington
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    Hello Matt,

    Thank you for using the OnBoard Community!

    Yes, you can enter a back-up email address as an interim step and then we can help guide you through how to update their primary email address.

    1. Select the member from the directory to view their profile.
    2. Click the "Settings" tab, then "Alternative Notification Addresses".
    3. Enter the new email address and click "Save Changes".

    The members will now receive a copy of any OnBoard email notifications to their alternate email address. Your Customer Success Manager will follow-up with you so that you can complete a permanent change.

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