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Combine agenda composition and edit agenda page



  • Jenni Washington

    Hello Janelle,

    Thank you for this feedback. When we released some enhancements to the book building process earlier this month, we added more edit capabilities while you are in the the "Compose Agenda" view. Previously, meeting Administrators and Contributors were limited to create, delete and re-arrange the agenda sections in this view. Now, you can move right into editing the section details to add the documents, description, presenters, and so on.

    Once you leave the Compose Agenda view and you work to continuing building the agenda from the Meeting Details page, I do see that while we give you the ability to fully edit the section details, that if you need to add or move a section as you indicated, you would have to move back to the Compose Agenda view.

    We can certainly take a look at this as we continuously use customer feedback to inform any further adjustments. If you have a vision or some more detail on how you would find it more intuitive to interact with, please let us know and we will include that in our review!

  • Janelle Montague

    Yes, sometimes when building the Agenda, we have to go back and add sections, it would be easier to just do it there than move back.  The navigation is confusing when we don't use the platform on a daily basis.

  • Jenni Washington

    Thank you, Janelle. 

  • Barbara Nicholls

    I concur with Janelle.


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