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Add a 'notes' section to the compose agenda area



  • Jenni Washington

    Hi Kelly, would you be able to please expand on how you might use this. For example, would it be more for a meeting administrator to capture minutes associated with the agenda section, or for the end-uses to make notes rather than (or in addition to) the annotation tools in the open book view?

    Thank you,

    Jenni Washington, OnBoard Implementation Manager

  • Steve Fuss

    I know this is an old post but I would like the ability to add notes as well.  Some agenda items may not have any attachments but I would like to be able to take notes on what was discussed.  In the below screenshot you can see where we have a Chairperson's Oral Report, but I currently cannot find anywhere where I can take notes on this item.

  • Jenni Washington

    Hello Steve, 

    We appreciate you taking the time to add to this thread. As we carefully evaluate all opportunities to enhance the product toward our mission to provide the best experience, I would like to offer a suggestion as an interim solution.

    The meeting administrator can upload blank pages to any agenda item - this could simply be a title page to help with transitions from one agenda item to the next as members scroll through the digital meeting book, and also serve as a notes page when a report or presentation is not available.

    We'd love to know if you try this out!



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