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Kate Humphreys

Hello - Is it possible to see who has downloaded the board pack and/or who has accessed a particular pack?



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    Jenni Washington

    Hello Kate,

    So happy to see you utilizing the Community! We hope to see more activity by customers to share their best practices in response to others' posts. For now, I am happy to answer this one for you.

    The answer is "Yes!" As an OnBoard Enterprise customer, you have the ability to enable a Global Admin account. 

    A Global Admin account enables you to track engagement/user activity for actionable insight into your adoption goals through reports. The other insight and control it offers is around security logging – frequency of login, browser vs mobile app, etc.. Finally, it gives the account holder access to change permissions on any item in OnBoard (but not visibility to actual content when logged into this account). 

    Article: Global Admin Account Overview

    Article: How to Pull Security/Engagement Reports

    I was just emailing with a customer who recently activated their Global Admin account and asked:

    "Are there stats you are looking at/for in particular? I tend to be curious about how users are logging in (browser or app and what kind of device) along with login frequency, if they are viewing the book regularly before the meeting day, what are the commonly viewed resources, and are the annotation tools being used (and by whom to identify adopters)."

    She shared back the main questions she is trying to answer:

    • Who is looking at their book (who is NOT looking at their book)? 
    • What device are they using? Being prepared if they have questions about how things look I can know ahead of time that they are on their mobile device etc.
    • What are they accessing besides the meeting and the book? I take the time to put helpful guidelines on the Landing Page – is it worth my time? Are they being read? (I was surprised at how much they were accessed, actually)

    I would love to learn if you move ahead with setting up your Global Admin account and what insights you gain from it!

    Jenni Washington
    OnBoard Implementation Manager

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    Kate Humphreys

    Thanks Jenni, this is really helpful. How do we set up a Global Admin account? is this something which you can arrange for us? 

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    Jenni Washington

    You're welcome! In the first article I linked are instructions for submitting a help ticket. You may also hear directly from your Customer Success Manager, Salim, as he is aware of your inquiry and will be interested to help you!

    In brief, here are the steps:

    • Create a user in OnBoard. This must be a unique email address (example:
    • Invite the user and set their permission to Administrator.
    • Accept the invitation to activate the account.
    • Send a support ticket to with the request to establish the Global Admin account. Provide the email address you activated. This email must come from a VP, EVP, or President/CEO given the level of permissions and access.



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