Jessica Tice

Hello - we are a relatively new user to OnBoard.  I would like to use the Dashboard feature, but do not have this option beside my Home button.  Do I need to buy an upgraded version?  Do I need to turn it on somewhere?

Thanks -

Jessica Tice, CPA


Community State Bank of Orbisonia


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    Brian Martin

    Hi Jessica,

    The Dashboard function is a part of our new Collaboration suite package which also includes the ability to share your meeting notes with other directors. In addition, next year we will be including a new secure messaging feature with the Collaboration Suite as well.

    I can discuss these and other OnBoard options with you in more detail directly if you'd like.  I'm the Customer Success Manager for the Bank's account and my email address is bmartin@passageways.com.  Please reach out and let me know the best time for us to chat.

    I look forward to connecting, Thanks for being part of the Passageways Family!



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