Taking Minutes on Onboard solution

Can a secretary take down minutes through the app?


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    Jenni Washington

    Hello David, thank you for your question.

    Administrator functionality that supports meeting creation and document management are all accessible through a web browser only, at this time. The agenda can be downloaded by a meeting administrator and used to type-up the minutes; even extending that further by taking advantage of the Office Connector available to Enterprise users and automatically syncing the minutes to a meeting agenda section.

    The OnBoard App is designed for the end-user for consuming and interacting with the published digital board book, easy access to items in the Resource Library, and completing activities such as electronic voting, submitting surveys, and applying their e-signature to documents.

    The App does have the annotation/notes functionality which could be used by someone to capture comments/minutes; however, it is not designed for that specifically.

    Thank you, and please reach out if you would like to discuss this further!

    Jenni Washington
    OnBoard Customer Success Manager





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