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Integrate Voting Setup & Completion Into Agenda View



  • Robert McFarland

    I would suggest to also include the ability to make the motion and 2nd it in the drop down list (of course the option would not be there if it was already done)

  • Suzanne Winton

    These are great ideas! I hope they make this a function soon!

  • Ralph Hohls

    I have a similar request and I see this was tabled many years ago - what is the progress of this?

  • Jenni Washington

    Ralph Hohls it's good to hear that there is still interest in the ability to enable voting buttons directly on an agenda section to expedite an action.

    It is common for agenda items requiring action to be visible to all meeting attendees, which includes staff and potentially guests who would not be voting. During the setup of an Approval, the step of explicitly setting the voters is then important to ensure that only those permitted to vote have been given permission to do so.

    We did add an enhancement that allows for quick creation of an approval (vote) from the edit details panel of an agenda item. A new approval can be created and managed from the agenda section without needing to go out of the meeting to the Actions menu. This includes both the setup  and opening the approval from the agenda item during the meeting when not using the automatic open feature.

    A feature enhancement ticket will be opened on your behalf. I hope that you will consider providing additional context to help us review this for future improvement.



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