Secure Resource documents Completed

Dana Kirwan

How can we make our "Resources"  secure so they cannot be downloaded to a public computer if someone is traveling and using a hotel or airport computer station?



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    Jenni Washington
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    In April 2002, OnBoard released a product update and downloading of resources can be disable at the document level, or for an entire folder.

    For more details, please see

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    Meredith Pettet

    Hi Dana,

    Currently this is not a feature within OnBoard. I do have a ticket in the backlog for the same request, from another customer. I do not have a status as to when this might show up or be handled within OnBoard but I will check in with our product manager to verify he is aware of the request and let him know that it is gaining some traction as a requested feature. Please let us know how we can be of assistance!


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    Andrew Barton

    Mere - is there an update on this functionality?  I too have a document I want to share with my users, ideally in the resource section, but restrict the ability for download.



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    Tracy Girardi

    Has this feature been added?  I need to restrict downloading for a document in resources.  


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    Aaron Jozwiak

    Good morning Tracy, Andrew, and Dana, 

    OnBoard does have a feature to prevent downloads of the documents in your organization.  However, it is an All or Nothing option.   You can not limit it to just certain documents or certain folders.

    You can set exceptions for individual users, but again that is an All or Nothing choice. 

    This article contains more information on this.

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    Arneadra Zeno

    Thanks Aaron for your response to Tracy's question.  I knew the restriction was 'all or nothing' as I have experienced working with it.  However, I was hoping your response would say that your development team is working on enhancements that would allow individual document or section restrictions.  As the download restriction is set up currently, it does not work for us.


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