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Need Corporate Admin Category of User




  • Katherine Fox

    I totally agree with this request. I would say you need to have at least two "super-users", just in case one of them leave or aren't available.

  • Rebekah Arevalo

    New to the platform and couldn't agree more.  I was surprised that there were no "super-user" permission levels. 

  • Jenni Washington

    Hi @Rebekah Arevalo, welcome to the OnBoard Community! Since the time this thread originated, Passageways introduced the "Global Admin" as part of our Enterprise package to help with the very thing that is being described. For a full overview, check out the Global Admin knowledge base article. As Valparaiso University is just now joining the Passageways family, and I am the Customer Success Manager supporting our education clients, I look forward to getting to know you during your kick-off!


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