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Check In for Attendance on iPad app




  • Official comment
    Meredith Pettet

    Hello Robert,

    Good news...Your directors can do this from the iPad app! I've included a link to a short video (not quite 2 minutes) that details how this can be done from the web and iPad. The location of the Attendee List has changed slightly from the web side but the functionality is the same. Opening the Attendee List will then have a button to generate the Attendance Report for review. 

  • Robert McFarland

    I did a test and you cannot click "Present" in the iPad app as a Director or Admin, you have to do it as an Admin in the Web interface.  The point is to allow the Directors to check in with their iPad app and not have an Admin do role call using the Web interface.

  • David Alder

    Hi Robert,

    I think that is a useful feature you are asking for. I will bring this feature request up in the next product meeting. Thank you for contributing and please keep suggesting ideas.


    David Alder
    OnBoard Product Manager


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