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Allow Motions to be set for Votes on iPad app




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    Meredith Pettet

    Hello again!

    I have more good news for you, Robert! This can also be accomplished within OnBoard. Again, here is a link to a short 2 minute overview video detailing how voting within OnBoard works- 

    Here's a video on how to create votes- 

    And here's a video on how to close out a vote- 

    We are currently adding more capabilities to this functionality so stay tuned!

  • Robert McFarland

    The point is to do it from the iPad app.  The director that makes the motion cannot be entered from the iPad.  It has to be done from the Web interface. 

    Our Directors would like to create the Votes ahead of time to review and vote on before the meeting to save time if possible but we cannot open the vote as a matter of procedure until a motion is made and that has to be entered by an Admin first.  It would be helpful to have a button for a Director to push to make the motion and it would stamp it with their name and the same for the second to the motion.  Then the vote would be open for voting by the others.

  • David Alder


    You and I should spend some time talking about ideas. Thank you for pointing this out. It turns out that we will be redesigning the entire experience for OnBoard over the next quarter. I'd like you to participate, if possible. The process will not take much of your time. As for this feature request, the voting process will be one of the experiences which will be reviewed during our redesign. Your input is very valuable to this product.

    Thank you.

    David Alder
    OnBoard Product Manager


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