Pam Ward

I just created my first voting session in which a Board committee could review changes to a Policy and vote using OnBoard to indicate their approval/disapproval.  Couple of comments/questions:

1.)  Would be nice to be able to upload more than 1 support document (i.e., a summary of the changes to the Policy and a copy of the marked up Policy).  Tried to type the summary of changes in the comment box, but not enough space.  So, the comments box could be larger...or could I somehow insert a document (i.e., pdf) in the comments box?

2.)  If the voter disagrees or disapproves of the policy changes, they would like to include THEIR comments explaining why they disapprove...or maybe point out what they do not like.  So, can a comments box be added for voter use?

3.)  I created a "dummy" voting session just so I can see what it looks like and how easy it is to use.  So, can I (or how do I) delete a vote?


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    Pam Ward

    Oops.  Still playing around and found out how to delete a vote.  Mia culpa!


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