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John Miller

We are curious to find out if any of you use any service for Board Assessments? Would a web survey and an annual benchmark report at the end of that survey cycle be something you are interested in? Is there any such existing report / assessment currently out there?


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    Pam Ward

    Annually, we conduct Board assessments in a variety of ways:

    1.)  The Board completes an assessment (survey) on how they think the Board as a whole operated.

    2.)  We have individual Board self-assessments in which each Board member evaluates themselves as it pertains to the functions of the Board and their contributions to the Board.

    3.)  Senior Staff members complete assessments of their impressions of the Board (weaknesses, strengths, etc.) based on Board committees for which they are staff liaison.

    Then our Governance & Ethics Committee evaluates all the assessments to identify overall strengths and weaknesses that the Nominating Committee can keep in mind as they seek future Board candidates.


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