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  • Meredith Pettet

    Hello, Jim! I'm going to move this post to our Feature Ideas topic. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Allison Fink

    I really like this idea.  I miss not having this feature as we had it in the old board portal.  It's very important to be able to confirm who is using the portal and how.

  • Katherine Fox

    Is there an update on this request? To expand on what Jim said, not only is it important from an internal audit standpoint, having recently undergone a regulatory exam, it is also a hot topic from a regulatory standpoint in regards to data security and vendor management. We really need a way for Administrators to monitor who is logging on to our portal and what information are they accessing.

  • John Miller

    Hi Katherine,

    This is a feature on the roadmap for the Enterprise Package. Our team sent communications reviewing this with customers at the end of last year. If you interested in more details contact me at


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