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OnBoard Administrator ability to set up and edit directors' profiles




  • Pam Ward

    I am not even sure how to proceed transitioning from the eBoard to OnBoard without having the ability to set-up & edit directors' profiles.

  • Allison Fink

    I have two concerns. Most of my directors have very limited computer skills and it will be a real struggle for them to get themselves a gmail account and get them set up in OnBoard. In fact I can tell you without a doubt that they will have to come here and we will have to do it together on my computer. The other couple are probably capable, but work full time and would prefer/greatly appreciate this administrative task being done for them. I could see this working for an employee portal, but not for a board. Thank you.

  • Christy Harrington

    I totally agree; We want control to provide a more consistent feel between profiles, and to assist in profile setups.

  • Kay Graham

    It would be very helpful if I were able to edit my directors' profiles, especially to add photos.

    Kay Graham, Point Loma Credit Union

  • Robert McFarland


  • Julie Routt

    Did this ever get changed.  I'm new to OnBoard and need to make a change to a Board Member's email address but can't find where to do that.  I don't expect my members to edit their profiles, so I need to be able to make simple changes.

    Thank you.

    Julie Routt

  • Brian Bauer


    The email address is one of the few fields you cannot change as an OnBoard administrator. The email address is the address they use to log on to OnBoard. The only place that it can be changed is on the board member's profile when logged on as that user. You can refer to this article to assist you in making changes to the OnBoard ID/email address.

    An alternative is if you do not want to change the login email but want them to receive notifications at a different email address, is to set up the Multiple Notifications field for the board member. This can be done as an admin. When you go to edit the user, there is a button at the bottom called Multiple Notification E-mails. You can use this to set up alternative emails for the alerts to go to for the board member.

    I hope this helps.


    Brian Bauer


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