How to Publish Your OnBoard Meeting to the Public

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Some organizations are required to make their meeting agenda items and materials available to the public. OnBoard makes it easy to do just that. You can choose which meetings to publish and which to keep private, visible only to members of your organization.

Publishing the Meeting

First, navigate to the Meeting Details page by clicking Calendar in the left navigation, then selecting the desired Meeting from the list.


Once the Meeting is open, click the Meeting's Settings button.


At the bottom of the Settings menu, you'll find the section labeled "Publish Meeting", with the "Select Content and Publish" button. Click this button to select the content you'd like to publish to the public.


Please take note of the Meeting Accessibility warning prompt that appears next:


Important: This warning message is very important. OnBoard allows the upload of many different types of documents. However, to ensure 100% ADA accessibility compliance, it is recommended that you use only Adobe PDF documents. OnBoard will automatically convert Microsoft documents to PDFs. However, Passageways is not liable for documents that do not meet the accessibility requirements. 

After clicking CONTINUE, you will be given the opportunity to choose which documents in your board book to make public, and a warning next to any document that will not meet accessibility standards. Make your selections with the checkboxes here, then click Publish Meeting. 


That's it! Your Meeting and the documents you've selected here are now visible to anyone who has the hyperlink shown in the very next screen.

You can click the Copy mceclip11.png button to copy the hyperlink.


Feel free to distribute this link to anyone who needs to view your organization's Public Meetings. Keep in mind that the link shown here will be the location for this one specific Meeting. To capture a hyperlink that will show a list of more than one meeting, continue reading below. 

Here is a snapshot of the information that would appear in the public posting:


Hyperlink to the Entire Organization's List of Public Meetings

Instead of individual hyperlinks for individual meetings, your organization may wish to have a single hyperlink that displays a dynamic list of all of your publicly published meetings. To access this link, navigate to the Settings page in the navigation, then click the Feature tab at the top of the page. Here, we'll see the public hyperlink that can be posted to your company's website, or handed out to those who need to view your materials. 


You can click on the Copy mceclip8.png button to the right of the Public Meeting URL to easily paste the link.

All publicly posted meetings from your organization will appear on this link. Below is a snapshot of how they would appear. Selecting the meeting title would take to you to the public posting for that meeting.


Hyperlink to a Group's List of Public Meetings

You may need to only publicly post the meetings for a specific group or committee. To access the Public Group URL, navigate to your Directory, click on the Groups Tab, and select the appropriate Group.


Locate the Public Group URL at the top of the group and use the Copy mceclip8.png button to easily copy and paste the link. 


The link will only display the publicly posted meetings for that Group.


Public Posting and Meeting Visibility Status Settings

It is important to know that the Public Posting feature and the Meeting Visibility statuses are completely independent of one another. For example, if you fully complete your meeting creation (full agenda and uploaded documents), then Publicly Publish your meeting with the settings described in this article, the documents you've chosen to publish will be visible to the public REGARDLESS OF THE VISIBILITY STATE SET IN ONBOARD.  This means that your meeting could potentially still be set to the Unpublished visibility state, but still publicly visible to the public through the public hyperlink. 

Once your meeting is published publicly, it is NOT updated if your meeting in OnBoard changes. To have any changes take effect for a meeting that has already been published, you must Unpublish and re-publish the meeting for the public to be able to view the changes. 


  • Section descriptions do not appear on the Public Posting page. They will appear in the Open Book agenda panel, Table of Contents, and exported Agenda.
  • Unnumbered sections appear in the Open Book agenda panel and Public Posting page, but not in Table of Contents.
  • Supplementary documents will appear on the Public Posting page if left selected as content to be published. Caution: when selecting which documents to be published, there is currently no indication of which doc(s) are supplementary.

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