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Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes

Q: Can I use the OnBoard mobile applications for administrative functions?

A: No. The OnBoard Mobile App is intended to be an end-user or consumption view of OnBoard, targeted to the meeting's attendees. All admin functions are completed via the OnBoard website.


Q: How can I notify my board members that the meeting book is available?

A:  You will have the opportunity to alert Readers every time the Meeting Visibility changes. Alternatively, the Meeting Brief Email provides details about upcoming meetings. Learn more about the Meeting Brief notification in this article: Meeting Brief Email Notifications


Q: Can Group Administrators create Meetings?

A: Group Administrators do not have this privilege. Users must be listed as an Organization Administrator or Creator in the Directory to be able to create meetings. 


Q: What do all of these different permissions mean?

A: Take a look at this article: OnBoard Master Permission List
     Or this article: Understanding OnBoard Permissions


Q: I have a user who can't view my meeting, what should I check?

A: You'll want to:

  • Check their permissions to that meeting. They may not have been given access.
  • Check the meetings Visibility Status. Readers cannot see a meeting that has not been made "All Visible."


Q: What kind of documents can I upload to a meeting section?

A:  You can upload:

  • .PDF (Adobe Reader)

  • .DOC (Microsoft Word)

  • .DOCX (Microsoft Word)

  • .XLS (Microsoft Excel)

  • .XLSX (Microsoft Excel)

  • .PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint)

  • .PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Q: How do I disable a feature?

A:  Navigate to Settings, where you'll find your various Organization spanning settings. . Some features, such as Messenger, Shared Annotations, and Document Downloads can be disabled for the Organization but exceptions made for specific users such as Administrators.


Q: Why does OnBoard timeout?

A:  OnBoard times out after a period of inactivity to help protect your board materials.  After a period of inactivity, you will be asked to re-authenticate in order to make changes to the organization and meetings. For more information on our login expiration timeouts, have a look at this article: How long does a user stay logged in?


Q: Does OnBoard enforce a minimum password strength requirement?

A: Yes! Your OnBoard account password must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be at least 8 characters in length.
  • It must include at least 1 lower-case letter.
  • It must include at least 1 upper-case letter. 
  • It mush include a special character:  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? 


Q: I don't think my users are getting email notifications from OnBoard. Why is that?

A: There are two possible issues to correct here. One, ensure the user's Email Notifications have been enabled on their OnBoard Profile page. Checking this box is what allows the user to receive notifications by email.  If this is enabled, but users are still not receiving emails from OnBoard, please have your IT/Security specialist review the following article: Troubleshooting: Not receiving any emails from OnBoard


Q: Can I still print out a Board Book?

A: Technically, yes. However, the bulk of OnBoard’s feature set resonates as a digital solution. There is not a “Print” button in OnBoard, but it is possible to export and download a compiled copy of the entire board book. From there, you can use any PDF Reader software to open and print the book. To download the book, select DOWNLOADS from the list of options on the Meeting Details page, then choose BOOK. If you do not see this option, it may have been disabled by your Administrator. Before printing your book, please consider the environment, as meetings can sometimes be quite lengthy.


Q: How much data can be uploaded into OnBoard? How long will it stay there?

A: Currently there aren't any total disk space limitations. Feel free to upload as much content as you'd like! Though, we are restricted to a specific TYPE of documents (see this article for more info about allowed file types).  

At the moment, your uploaded content will be available in OnBoard until you manually delete it. Nothing will be automatically deleted.


Q: Are special characters allowed anywhere in the Board Book?

A: Below are the Board Book related restrictions on special characters:

  • Meeting Name - No known special character restrictions.
  • Agenda Section Name - No known special character restrictions.
  • Uploaded file name - The name of an uploaded file must follow the standard Windows special character restrictions and contain none of the following characters:
    < (less than)
    > (greater than)
    : (colon)
    " (double quote)
    / (forward slash)
    \ (backslash)
    | (vertical bar or pipe)
    ? (question mark)
    * (asterisk)


Q: What can a Meeting/Agenda Contributor do?

A: Contributors at the Meeting Level can access Compose Agenda from Meeting details, as well as create, move, edit, and delete agenda sections the Meeting Admin created.

Contributors at the Agenda Section Level can edit the Agenda Section's name, time, description, remove section numbering, and can Add, Edit, and Delete documents, presenters, and subsections of the Agenda Section, and can also link Actions to a Section. They cannot edit the Permissions of the Section, however.


OnBoard Group Trainings:

If you are interested, we do offer further education. You can find the calendar and register for OnBoard Admin group training sessions by clicking here

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  • Comment author
    Peter Mancini QC

    the article says "see the enabling the book for download section below"  but that section is not to be found on the page.

  • Comment author
    Matt Holmes

    Good morning, Peter -  Thanks for pointing this out! I've corrected the text in the article.  For clarification, if you're looking to download your board book, navigate to your meeting inside the Calendar and click DOWNLOADS, then click BOOK from the list of options.  If you don't happen to see BOOK in the list, you might want to follow up with your administrator. It is possible that they may have blocked access to that particular feature.  Please let us know if you need anything further!


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