[All Users] How do I download a copy of my Meeting Book?

Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes

With the most recent update to OnBoard, the web now has a pdf viewer with the ability to annotate the book. From this view, there has been some confusion as to where to click to actually download the book. Luckily, this is a very easy thing to do once you know what icon to look for from the book viewer. 

Navigate to the meeting you want to download the book from then click the Downloads button (if you don't see Downloads, you may need to click on the button with 3 vertical dots, then Downloads).



A small menu will appear. Choose either of the "Meeting Book" options from this list. 


If you do not see the Book option from this list, the book has been disabled for download. This is an Administrator permission. Please review this article for more information. 


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    Connie Petz

    this was helpful, however, the title "Book" in the dropdown list could be more clearly identified as Board Book and perhaps with the Date of the meeting 1-31-18.   My brain seems to appreciate consistency and if there are many meetings stored and a person accidently clicked into the wrong one, the date on that link would be a super quick way to bring it to our attention.  Just a suggestion.

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    Meredith Pettet

    Hello Connie,

    Thank you for your feedback! I have gone ahead and created a ticket for this feature request. This will be added to our backlog and if it is determined to be an added feature to the product, you will receive a communication through the ticket once it is available in the application. Thanks!


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