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Training Vignette: Importing Users Using a CSV file



  • Carmen Somarriba

    Could I add individual users without having the use the CSV file? Thank you.

  • Aaron Jozwiak


    Yes, you can add individual users with using a CSV file.  

    On the User List page, do the following:

    - In the field where it says "Filter or Invite Users", type in the new user's name
    - This will show a drop down below the field that says "Invite User Name" with User Name being the name of the person you're inviting
    - Click on "Invite User Name" and this will open up a small pop up window that will ask you for:
         - First Name
         - Last Name
         - Email Address
    - Once you've filled that information out, click on the Invite button.  This will send out an email invitation to the new user.


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