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[Admin] Can I edit another user's profile? If so, how?



  • Allison Fink

    This feature will be extremely limiting for us. Our directors are either retired and have very little computer expertise (for example uploading a photo, creating a gmail account, etc.) or are employed full-time at another business and have limited time to devote to director duties. It would be very helpful if they could enlist an Administrator's help to create, update, or maintain their profile.

  • Katherine Fox

    I agree with Allison, I would love to be able to enter most of the information for our board members, but allow them to make certain changes. Similar to the way our current Employee Portal functions,

  • Pam Ward

    I agree. My directors will NOT be able to do this. They are simply not computer savvy enough to do this. I will get several phone calls from each of them. I could save time by creating their profiles for them. Also, for security reasons, I do NOT want my directors to input their personal emails for receipt of credit union correspondence. I want them to use our corporate email address for security reasons. With them creating their own profile, I have no control over which email address they use.

  • Meredith Pettet

    Hello! I have opened a ticket for each of you regarding this request, and submitted as a Product Change Request for review. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Pam Sweeney

    I agree! Will this be a product change for all users?

  • Maritere Lozano

    I agree with Allison, great idea.

  • Meredith Pettet

    Hello everyone! I have created a post concerning this request in our Community, under 'OnBoard Feature Requests'.
    You can find the post here-

    Please feel free to add comments and/or vote up or down the post.


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